Best Way to Sell Jewlery: In Person Vs. Online

If you are wondering about the best way to sell jewelry, you are not alone. People are parting with their favorite jewelry pieces every day — and they want to do it the right way. 

The two most common ways to sell jewelry are online or in person. Each has pros and cons, and some companies purchase jewelry both ways. We are among them.

Choosing the wrong way to part with your gems could waste your time — and your money. Here are the options to consider if you are trying to decide the best way to sell jewelry.

Selling Your Jewelry Online

Before you take the plunge into the online bidding world, know your selling outlets. Not all online selling outlets provide the same value. It’s also a good idea to know the value of what you are selling.  Set aside time to have a professional provide an appraisal. Walk into the online world with confidence and clarity.

Here are the pros and cons:


One of the most significant benefits of selling your jewelry online is convenience. There is no need to travel, prolong communication, or wait for the financial reward. Instead, a trusted online buyer can make your experience safe and simple.

When searching for an online buyer, consider their reputation. Look at reviews, availability, and other signs of professionalism. A trusted online buyer should be verified by the Better Business Bureau.


A common con of selling online is the risk. While there are success stories, people can share the not-so-great stories, too. Risky buying platforms can offer sellers a price too low, pack on the fees, or present unqualified buyers.

Beware of offers that are too good to be true. Don’t dismiss a negative trail of feedback about an online platform. When in doubt, always trust your gut.  Avoid risky selling situations by selling jewelry online to a trusted jewelry buyer. At Diamond Buyers, we offer a simple, safe, and secure online selling process.

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Selling Your Jewelry In Person

It may feel more comfortable to sell your jewelry face-to-face, but there can be red flags, too. 

Here are the pros and cons:


Having a face with the name as you sell jewelry can bring peace of mind. In-person transactions also provide the opportunity to interact with staff. Reputable diamond and jewelry buyers have trained experts available to answer questions and give better offers.

Selling your jewelry in person can also allow you to feel less rushed. If you want to return with more questions, you can request a business card or schedule a meeting. There is additional time to research reviews and decide to return. 


Not every face-to-face transaction is a good one. Places like pawn shops and auctions may create a rushed experience. It can be risky, too, as you may receive a low offer. Pawn shops and other locations may not have a trained jewelry expert on staff. 

Traveling to the wrong buyer can have significant financial consequences. Your jewelry is most likely personal to you, and you trust each person to assess each piece with integrity. Selling your jewelry to the wrong person can easily waste time.

Sell Jewelry with Confidence

What is the best way to sell jewelry? It’s a simple question once you have done your research. If you prepare well, you can have a positive experience with either option. We are proud to serve our customers and provide a safe and smooth process either online — or in person.

Every piece of jewelry has a journey. Make sure it is in good hands before you pass it along.

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