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Certified DiamondsA lab graded diamond has undergone a comprehensive evaluation of the diamond’s quality by an impartial, reputable third-party laboratory. Reputable labs, such as the Gemological Institute of America Inc. and American Gem Society (AGS), provide grading of each diamond based on the 4 C’s: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.  When the evaluation is complete, a diamond report is issued with a unique identifying number for that diamond.


Is My Diamond Certified?

GIA Grading Report (Sample)

Sample GIA Grading Report

Situation 1: You have paperwork or a report number.


Lab graded diamonds (informally referred to as ‘certified’ diamonds) are typically paired with their paperwork. If you have the report, or even the identifying number/report number, you can get more information through an online inquiry or phone call to the laboratory.


Situation 2: You don’t have any information.


If you find yourself in a situation where you are without the paperwork, don’t worry – our experts will evaluate your diamond based on strict gemological standards and provide an offer accordingly. In certain cases, sending your diamond to an independent laboratory may be beneficial. We recommend Gemological Institute of America Inc. and American Gem Society (AGS). Before submitting your diamonds to a laboratory, give us a call and we will help you determine whether it is worth the additional expense in doing so.


Are Certified Diamonds Worth More?


The short answer is: “it depends”. Just because a diamond is certified doesn’t mean it’s more valuable than another non-certified diamond. Diamond characteristics and quality are all unique and the certification is provided based on those quality factors. The main benefit of a strict laboratory report is that it provides an unbiases assessment of a gem’s quality. Market values of diamonds also change over time, so this is another factor to keep in mind. Diamond Buyers will buy diamonds with or without laboratory reports.


Best Place to Sell Certified Diamonds


When it comes to selling your certified diamonds, we understand that you are evaluating options.  Here are a few factors to consider when selling your certified diamonds to us:


  • We have a long-standing reputation dating back to 1978–and you better believe we plan on being around for a long time!
  • We are fully licensed and 100% bonded. This means once your certified diamond enters our possession, it is 100% insured for the full value.
  • We understand that confidentiality is important in these situations and will always respect that.
  • You will receive the best market value we can give. Why would we do that? We pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we’ve established. Our vast network of ready diamond buyers allows us to pay more because we can re-sell items quickly. 
  • You have the flexibility to come in personally or use our completely secure mail-in system.
  • You’ll be paid immediately.

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