We Buy More Than Diamonds

Where Can I Sell Gold?

You can sell gold for top dollar at Diamond Buyers, a fine jewelry and gold buyer. We have a reputation for paying high percentages of current market value for gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals.

Sell Gold and Precious Metals
What We Buy:

  • Gold Bullion
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings (14kt and above, weighing at least one ounce cumulatively)
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings (weighing at least one ounce cumulatively)
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Other Precious Metals

    The price paid for gold is dependent on the current spot price (market value). Diamond Buyers has a trusted reputation for paying top dollar for not just fine jewelry, but gold, silver, and precious metals.

    Check out current market value rates:

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Why Sell?

Quick Cash for Gold

Some collect precious metals as an investment and cash them in when the market is right. Others need quick cash to bridge unemployment gap, pay off debt, or make an investment. Regardless of the reason for selling, getting the most for your valuables quickly is paramount.

Diamond Buyers has decades of experience and offers top dollar for your precious metals and fine jewelry. Cash payouts can be made via certified check or wire transfer immediately.

How To Sell My Gold

Step 1: Tell us about your gold, silver or other precious metal. We will send you a preliminary offer.

Step 2: (Local) If you like our offer and you’re local, we would love to meet you personally and confirm the details you provided online.
(Outside Houston area) If you aren’t local, we have a very secure mail-in process that insures your valuables completely from the moment it leaves your doorstep, plus video surveillance in our shop.

Step 3: You get paid in full immediately via certified check or wire transfer. Your choice.


The Diamond Buyers team has decades of experience evaluating gold bullion, silver coins, diamonds, engagement rings, fine jewelry, luxury watches, and more.

The parent company to Diamond Buyers, Shaftel Diamonds, has been in operation since 1978 and has remained a reputable and trusted jewelry store in the Houston community.

Here’s our commitment to you:

  • We will give you cash based on the highest market value possible for your gold, silver or other precious metal.
  • From the moment we take possession, your valuables are 100% insured (even if we haven’t made an offer yet).

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