Sell Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings
When selling your diamond ring, diamond engagement ring, or diamond wedding ring there are probably two main thoughts running through your mind:

  • How much is my diamond ring worth?
  • Who can I trust to give me what it’s worth?

When you are ready to sell a diamond ring, especially if this is the first piece of jewelry you’ve ever sold, not knowing what you don’t know can often leave you frozen in the decision-making process. We understand and have loaned our expertise to help thousands of individuals through the process of selling their diamond ring and diamond jewelry for its true value.

Where To Sell Diamond Rings For The Most Money?

There are several options available when it comes to selling your diamond ring or diamond engagement ring. You can take a detailed look at some of the major selling outlets including jewelry store, pawnshops, local jewelers, eBay, craigslist, consignment stores, and more in our blog post: Where to Sell Your Jewelry: Selling Outlets Examined. While there are many selling options available, not all options will provide the best price.

Selling to a trusted diamond and jewelry buyer will ensure you receive a fair price for your jewelry and are 100% confident in your decision. Having a trained GIA appraiser evaluate your diamond ring will ensure you receive top dollar and the most value for your ring.

Selling Your Diamond Ring To Diamond Buyers

At Diamond Buyers, we’ve taken the complication out of selling your diamond ring and made the selling process as simple as possible. Whether you live close to our Houston location or out of state, our process is easy, transparent, and straightforward.

Here’s what you can expect when selling your diamond ring to Diamond Buyers.

GIA Trained Specialists

Our staff consists of highly trained GIA specialists who have extensive knowledge in gemology and jewelry appraisal techniques. GIA trained appraisers have a thorough understanding of how jewelry is made as well as how to identify and grade diamonds. Our staff will carefully evaluate your diamond ring and provide you with the true fair market value.

Top Offers

Buying jewelry is our business and we know it well, which is why we are confident we’ll provide you with the best offer possible for your diamond ring or other fine jewelry. Not only do we have GIA-trained appraisers on staff, but we also have over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. We understand the market and stay on top of trends which allows us to provide offers that make sense to you. If you decide not to sell, no worries. There are no fees for a diamond evaluation and you are under no obligation.

100% Insured

We are fully licensed and bonded meaning the minute your possessions leave your hands they are 100% insured regardless if we’ve made you an offer or not. When selling online, your valuables are fully insured en route to us, while in our possession and if necessary, back to you. For certain pre-approved items, we will email you a pre-paid, fully insured FedEx label at our expense, which you can print and use for your shipment.

Transparent Selling Process

We understand the importance of earning and maintaining your trust which is why we have developed the most secure and transparent process in the industry. With our unique video check-in procedure, you are able to watch as we open your package and evaluate your diamond jewelry – all from the comfort of your own home. Once your package has been received we immediately take the unopened box to our video check-in station. Using a high-resolution video camera, we record the process of opening the package, checking-in and evaluating your items. Upon completion, the video is available for your viewing upon request.

Sell your diamond ring to Diamond Buyers in two ways:

1. Sell your Diamond Ring in Houston

Shaftel Diamonds/Diamond Buyers Showroom

Although we buy wedding, engagement, and diamond rings nationwide, our headquarters are in Houston, Texas. If you are local to the Houston area, we welcome you to stop by our gorgeous showroom and jewelry store for a free diamond valuation. Our trained GIA gemologists are ready to evaluate your diamond ring and make a cash offer. We also accept appointments.

Contact us today to schedule a time to show your diamond ring.

2. Sell Diamond Ring Online

Not local to Houston? No problem! Diamond Buyers buys jewelry nationwide and has even developed an extremely safe and secure process to ensure your items are 100% insured throughout the whole process.

To get started, simply fill out our online form and receive a free preliminary offer.

Get started with your free, no-obligation estimate

Recent Acquisitions

Types of Diamond Rings We Buy

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

  • Good quality stones; 2 carats and larger
  • Fine quality diamonds; 2 carats and larger
  • Round diamonds, emerald cut, princess cut, solitaire & more
  • Luxury designer ring brands:
    • Buccellati
    • Bvlgari
    • Cartier
    • Chopard
    • David Yurman
    • Graff
    • Harry Winston
    • Piaget
    • Tiffany & Co.
    • More!

How Much Is My Diamond Ring Worth?

The value of a diamond ring is based on the following diamond grading factors:

  1. The diamond itself. Diamond value factors include color, cut, carat weight, and clarity.
  2. The metal band. The type of metal your ring is made from, such as platinum, white gold, or yellow gold is included as part of the value.
  3. Is it a designer brand? Prominent, high-end designer jewelry brands tend to sell for a premium.

Diamond Ring and Diamond Engagement Ring Appraisals

While an independent appraisal (not to be confused with a laboratory report) can be helpful in the assessment of your diamond ring’s quality details, the accuracy of this information will vary tremendously as it is limited to the expertise and integrity of the individual who conducted the appraisal. In addition, the retail value listed on an appraisal should only be considered for insurance purposes and is not an indication of the item’s true market value.

Option 1
If your diamond already has a grading report from an unbiased, third-party lab such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS), they are among the most reputable and their evaluations are very accurate. You can provide us with the report information and our experts can more accurately estimate a value range before viewing it in person.

Option 2
We are GIA-trained gemologists and qualified to provide estimates. We can provide you with an initial estimate based on the information you provide us. A full physical evaluation would then be done either in person or by mail, both of which are secure and confidential.


The Diamond Buyers Difference

With over 30 years of jewelry buying experience, here’s our commitment to you:

  • We will give you cash based on the highest market value possible for your diamond ring.
  • From the moment we take possession, your diamond ring is 100% insured (even if we haven’t made an offer yet).
  • We stand on a solid reputation of 30+ years in the business with thousands of regular clients and an outstanding rating with the better business bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Also Buy The Jewelry My Diamond Is In?
ABSOLUTELY. We purchase jewelry at very competitive prices and we even pay premiums for signed pieces from prominent designers (i.e. Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Bulgari, Harry Winston, etc.).
I Have An Appriasal — Is That The Price I Can Get For My Diamond?
NO. Jewelry and gemstone appraisals are typically only useful for insurance purposes and usually reflect a high retail price for an item rather than its true market or intrinsic value. This is especially true when an appraisal is conducted by the seller because it will be biased and the tendency is to flatter the price at which they sold the jewelry.
How Will You Pay Me?
Upon agreement of a final cash offer, we pay you the full amount immediately. We issue a company check on the spot for local sellers, and you will leave with your money. For out-of-town sellers, depending on the amount of the transaction, we will either send you a company check via First Class mail or give you the choice of receiving your check through overnight delivery from FedEx or having the funds wired directly into your checking account that same day.
Does Diamond Buyers Charge a Fee for Their Service?
No, there are no fees or commissions charged. In-person appointments and online mail-in services are free, even if you decide not to sell.