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Sell WatchesAt Diamond Buyers, we understand the process of selling luxury watches and aim to provide a safe and secure selling process. We pride ourselves in our transparent and authentic business practices. Our knowledgeable luxury watch buyers will walk you through the process to ensure you’re satisfied with your transaction.

Get the most value for your luxury timepiece with Diamond Buyers.

How Much is my Luxury Watch Worth?

Just like luxury cars, the condition of your luxury watch directly impacts its resale value. The better it has been maintained, the more value it will demand in the marketplace. Proper maintenance is key to receiving the most value for your luxury timepiece. When evaluating a luxury watch our expert watch buyers consider the following factors:

Craftsmanship: What is the quality of craftsmanship? How well are the components of the watch made? Does the watch have a lot of detailing? The answer to all these questions relate to the value of the watch. Properly maintaining all components and mechanisms of the watch will help you receive the most value for it.

Brand: Again, just like luxury cars, different brands carry higher value than others. The most popular luxury brands include Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Panerai and Breitling. These brands carry a higher value in the marketplace and command higher price.


Condition: The condition of your luxury watch is extremely important for resale value. The better condition the more value you will receive. It is also helpful to keep original packaging and documentation.

Marketplace: Supply and demand in the marketplace generally dictate how much a watch can be sold for. It’s ever changing, which is why it is extremely important to work with an expert watch buyer who is extremely knowledgeable in market trends.

Want to sell a Used Watch? Here are the Types of Luxury Watches We Buy

Diamond Buyers purchases all types of luxury watch brands. While we will consider all types of vintage, antique and designer brands, we are particularly interested in luxury watch brands such as:

  • Breitling
  • Cartier
  • Chopard
  • Rolex
  • IWC
  • Jaeger LeCoultre
  • Omega
  • Patek Philippe
  • Piaget
  • Tag Heuer


Ready to Sell Luxury Watches?

How to Sell Used Watches to Diamond Buyers

Selling your luxury watch to Diamond Buyers is simple and quick process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fill out our watch valuation form.

Step 2: We evaluate your information and send you a preliminary offer.

Step 3: If you like our offer, schedule an appointment or send your watch in through our secure online process.

Step 4: Receive top market value for your luxury watch.

Your Trusted Luxury Watch Buyer

Our highly trained staff at Diamond Buyers has over 30 years of experience with purchasing and evaluating luxury watches. We have substantial knowledge of the buying industry and can quickly determine the value of a timepiece based on market demand.

Our expert luxury watch buyers are highly trained in evaluating all brands and models of luxury watches and are prepared to offer top market value for your watch. Our notable reputation and vast knowledge of the industry is what sets us apart from other selling outlets. We invite you to truly experience the Diamond Buyer difference by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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