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Welcome to Diamond Buyers’ latest resource for those looking to sell diamonds, watches, and fine jewelry. We are excited you visited and are looking forward to your feedback.

Our Goal

When it comes to selling jewelry, there are many options to consider. For starters, should you sell? How much should you sell it for? Where should you sell it?

As professionals in the industry, we think it is best to be as informed and educated as possible when it comes to selling diamonds and jewelry. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided and we would like to share our expertise. We would also like to share some jewelry trends with you, decipher between myths and truths, and let you hear some first-hand experiences from others that have been in the selling market. Here are some sneak peeks on upcoming blog posts for you to keep an eye out for:

  • Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of selling outlets – Ebay, Auction, Craigslist, Diamond Buyer
  • Case study on estimates provided from various buying sources
  • How to sell gold jewelry online
  • Which designers’ jewelry appraises the highest?

What We Want From You

The existence of this blog is to provide buyers with tools and tips, so here are 3 ways you can help spread the word:

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  3. ASK QUESTIONS. Most important one! Tell us what you want to know.

Here are a few questions for you:

  • What was the one thing you wish you knew before you sold your last piece of jewelry or loose diamond?
  • Where are you looking to sell your next piece of jewelry and why?

About Diamond Buyers

Diamond Buyers purchases diamonds locally in Houston and across the nation. Drawing upon their expertise since 1978, Diamond Buyers prides themselves on the professional service and consistently higher prices they provide customers. Loose diamonds and fine jewelry are appraised by GIA Graduate Gemologists.


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