5 Tips for Selling Estate Jewelry

Are you looking to sell old jewelry from an estate that you inherited, but are not sure how to sell? Check out our 5 top tips on selling estate jewelry.

Tip #1. Be emotionally ready to sell

This first tip is particularly important to those who intend to sell old jewelry they have inherited from a loved one’s estate. Your first initial thought might be to keep every single item of jewelry inherited, however doing so can not only be expensive if you have to insure the items, but it can also cause a lot of clutter. Instead, go through every item and determine which pieces you can part ways with. If a loved one has not specified a particular item they would like you to keep, then chances are it is okay to sell. You can think of selling estate jewelry as giving it a new life instead of storing it away in a box. When you are emotionally ready to sell you will have an overall better selling experience.

Tip #2. Know what you have to sell

Once you have determined you are ready to sell, you will need to determine what type of jewelry you have to sell. Do you have a diamond ring? If so, what year is it from? What condition is it in? Does it have any unique identifiers? The quality and condition of the piece of jewelry will directly affect its selling price. Here are a few factors to consider before you sell old jewelry:

  • Does the jewelry contain hallmarks?

    Hallmarks are unique identifiers that often found on the clasp of a necklace or inside of a ring. They may identify the name of the jeweler, the content of the metal, etc.

  • Does the jewelry have prongs? Prongs are a good indication the jewelry is valuable.
  • Is the jewelry in good condition? Is there anything missing or broken?
  • How rare is the item?

3. Prepare to Sell Old Jewelry

Once you have determined which jewelry you want to sell you will need to prepare it for the sell. One way to prepare jewelry is to repair and clean the item. If the item is broken, make sure to take it to a reputable jeweler who specializes in repairing estate jewelry. Also, give the item a good cleaning. If you feel the item is extremely valuable, take it to a specialized jeweler to have it cleaned. Another way to prepare for the sell is to collect any documentation or boxes you may have inherited along with the jewelry. These items can help validate the value of the item during the appraisal and selling process.

4. Receive an Appraisal

Our next tip for preparing to sell old jewelry is to have the items appraised by a reputable appraiser. At Diamond Buyers, we encourage our customers to have an appraisal conducted by a third party that is completely removed from the sell. This will ensure that you receive an unbiased offer. It would also be wise to visit an appraiser that has a good reputation in evaluating antique or vintage jewelry. Check online for reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations.

Looking for more? Check out 5 Important Elements Every Appraisal Should Contain.

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5. Investigate your Selling Options

Last but certainly not least, is research your selling options. This is an extremely important step when selling estate jewelry. Although there are many options when it comes time to sell old jewelry, not all options will provide the best value for your jewelry. Some of the most common places to sell are:

  • Auction
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Professional Jewelry Buyer

Although all of the options above contain some positives there are also a ton of negatives (visit: selling outlets examined for a more in depth look) At Diamond Buyers, we recommend selling estate jewelry to a professional buyer. Professional jewelry buyers are well versed in the jewelry industry and will be able to accurately determine the value of your jewelry.

Diamond Buyers has been buying and selling estate jewelry for over 30 years. Our reputable buyers are GIA trained and are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

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