Why Sell Jewelry to a Certified Gemologist?

If you’re looking to sell jewelry, you probably know you have several options. At the end of the day, you want the best offer for your valuables, right? Well, the best way to achieve that is to go to a certified gemologist. To find out why, keep reading.

What is a certified gemologist?

Not any old jeweler is a certified gemologist, even though they may know a lot about jewelry. A certified gemologist is someone who’s accredited in the jewelry industry by way of thorough study, schooling and practical exams. For a list of the different certification titles, visit AmericanGemSociety.org.

These credentials matter when it comes to getting your jewelry appraised and getting the best deal.

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell to a Certified Gemologist

So—why sell to a certified gemologist instead of on Craigslist or to a pawn shop? We’ll sum it up in 3 points.


Let’s face it—meeting up with a stranger at the local WalMart parking lot to sell something isn’t ideal. Especially when you’re selling valuables. You want an environment you can feel safe in! Most jewelry buyers have a shop you can walk into and reputable credentials, like a GIA.

At Diamond Buyers, we offer two options for selling jewelry:

  1. Sell jewelry in Houston, TX by stopping into our Houston showroom.
  2. Sell jewelry online through our safe and transparent process.

Qualified Appraisal

Selling on eBay or Craigslist can diminish your valuable gem to the highest bidders worth. That’s not right. But it’s because these outlets aren’t in the jewelry industry—they’re in the selling industry.

A certified gemologist knows jewelry worth. They’re trained to recognize unique jewelry features that often go unseen by non-professionals (like the 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity). You want to sell you jewelry to someone who knows and can appreciate its value. A professional will provide an accurate and straightforward assessment of your piece, that’s true to current market prices.

Top Offer

When you have an experienced appraiser, who knows your jewelry’s worth, you’re going to get a higher offer for it. Qualified jewelry buyers will no doubt be the selling outlet to provide that.

At Diamond Buyers, we provide free and fast appraisals, with a stress-free and secure process that our experts will gladly walk you through. You can get your cash offer within one business day.

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