Start Spring Cleaning by Organizing Jewelry

There’s something therapeutic about spring cleaning—purifying and renewing your home, finally getting rid of clutter you don’t need, and refreshing your space. But, you don’t have to wait until spring to rejuvenate your environment. Start with organizing jewelry to instantly declutter your space, save time when going through your collection and protect your precious pieces.

Organizing Jewelry

First things first—organization. Take out all your jewelry and start to organize them into categories.

  1. Determine what you have. Which items are most and least valuable?
  2. Determine what you need. Do you have too many earrings, but really don’t own necklaces that go well with your wardrobe? Is there a complementary piece that you are just waiting to pair with those earrings? Are there colors absent from your jewelry selection?
  3. Determine what you don’t need. Cleaning out your old or unwanted pieces leaves room for you to expand your collection. If you haven’t worn a piece within the past year, it’s outdated and not very valuable or it’s tarnished beyond reasonable repair, consider if you can:
    • Repurpose it. Recycle your piece to make something new. Get creative!
    • Gift it. If you don’t want your piece, see if someone else would like it or find it useful.
    • Heirloom it. If your jewelry is high in sentimental or monetary value, consider keeping it as a treasure to pass on.
    • Sell it. If you can’t put your piece in one of the above categories, consider selling it online, at an auction, or to a pawn shop.

Cleaning Jewelry

Now that you have the jewelry you want to keep, go through and inspect each piece to see which need cleaning or repair. Less expensive pieces can usually be easily cleaned and repaired at home. There are a variety of jewelry cleaners and repair kits you can purchase, or you can make your own.

To repair or clean your fine jewelry, go with an experienced expert. See if you can take your piece back to the original jeweler. If not, there are several jewelry repair stores you can go to. Be sure to do your research in advance—read up on their website and try and find reviews to ensure your placing your valuables in trusted hands.

Jewelry Storage

Now that you’ve cleaned up your collection, consider your storage. For protection, keep your fine jewelry stowed away in a safe or a locked jewelry box. Use a separate jewelry box for your everyday jewelry. For more efficiency and organization, consider a jewelry armoire. These eliminate the hassle of digging through your collection to find what you want, and also help prevent tangling. Wall-hung options look great and also save space.

Happy cleaning! Don’t forget to get your free diamond, jewelry, or watch appraisal.


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