How to Declutter Your Jewelry Box

Another new year means we can start fresh. If you’re like us, you look for ways to declutter. You can start with your jewelry box. This post will show you how to declutter your jewelry box, and get some extra cash in your pocket from what you don’t need.

Why Declutter

Decluttering is good for you in so many ways. Here’s a few reasons why you should take steps to declutter your jewelry box (and home) today:

  • Keep your jewelry in good condition. For more info on sprucing up your jewelry, check out our recent post: 3 Tips to Increase Jewelry Value
  • Create a clean and stress-free environment for yourself. Per a Rubbermaid survey, 42% of homeowners felt more anxiety when their houses were cluttered. 92% were overwhelmed at least some of the time by clutter in their homes.
  • Easily find what you’re looking for by getting organized.
  • Keep your home in clean and presentable condition.
  • “Let go” of old sentiments.
  • Turn your unwanted items into money.

Guide to a Minimalist Jewelry Box

To declutter your jewelry box, go through each piece carefully. Based on what you think it’s worth and how sentimental you feel about it, get rid of everything you don’t need.

To help, use this one simple tip: if you haven’t worn in it in the past year and/or you don’t have any sentimental attachment to it, it goes in the “no” pile.

Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better once you’re done. Ahhh, clutter free!

The KonMari Method™

Marie Kondo is an organizing consultant and best-selling author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Many have used the book’s KonMari Method™ to declutter their lives. Any Konverts reading this out there? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

Out With the Old, In With the New

If at the end of your decluttering process, you find yourself saying—“I have too much jewelry”, there’s a lot you can do with it. You can re-gift or repurpose non-valuable items in a creative DIY.

If you happen to have something more valuable that’s been collecting dust, consider getting it appraised. You could have a small treasure you can sell for cash! And who doesn’t want more of that? You can even reinvest in on-trend pieces you’ll actually wear.

Need more convincing? Here’s Why You Should Sell Your Old Jewelry.

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