A Link to History: Queen Elizabeth’s Jewels

With the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the word has been zeroed in on her magnificent legacy. Her reign was over 70 years, including 179 British prime ministers and 14 American presidents – plus over 30 dogs! The Queen’s life was truly a link to our world history. In addition to her long reign, grace and sense of humor, the Queen was known for her fashion. Often donned in bright standout colors, she never was without a stunning statement piece of jewelry. In honor of her legacy and memory, we’re highlighting the gems of Queen Elizabeth’s jewels.

The Queen’s Iconic Jewelry

When it comes to the Queen’s legacy in jewels, we’ve chosen our top 4 favorites to highlight.

The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels Imperial State CrownThe British Royal family has a collection of stunning treasure called the Crown Jewels. Consisting of at least 100 objects and more than 23,000 gemstones, this collection is reserved for special occasions, such as coronations.

However, there are several famous pieces not included in the Crown Jewels that have become popular during the Queen’s reign, including: family heirlooms (including Queen Victoria’s Pearl Drop Earrings) and gifts from Prince Phillip (like the Edinburgh Wedding Bracelet), as well as gifts from other countries (like the famous Burmese ruby Tiara).

The Diamond Diadem

Diamond DiademThe crown worn by the Queen on British postage stamps, banknotes and coins is the Diamond Diadem (aka The State Diadem). This tiara was often worn by the Queen for major affairs, like parliament and even on the way to her own coronation in 1953. This stunning crown dates back to 1820, when it was made for George IV’s coronation.

It features silver and gold, plus a fountain of glittering diamonds and opulent pearls. The focal point is a brilliant pale yellow diamond that rests in the center of the crown.

The floral design (roses, shamrocks and thistles) represents the national emblems of England, Ireland and Scotland. It’s worth £6million!

Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels

Crown Amethyst Suite of JewelsThis gorgeous set is a jaw dropper. It includes multiple brooches, hair combs, a pair of earrings and a spectacular necklace – each adorned with diamonds and gold, and some amazing amethyst jewels.

Originally crafted between 1800 – 1850, it’s one of the oldest in the royal family’s collection. The Queen often wore the amethyst and diamond brooch throughout her reign. She famously wore the necklace, earrings and one the broaches during a visit to Portugal in 1985.

The Queen’s Favorite Crown

The Queen’s Favorite Crown Grand Duchess Vladimir TiaraThe Queen’s most beloved tiara came from her grandmother. The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara was purchased from Princess Nicholas of Greece by Queen Mary in 1921. It was originally created in 1874, for the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna – it was smuggled out of Russia by the last Romanov to escape during the country’s revolution!

Although not part of the Crown Jewels, this family tiara is a famous addition to Queen Elizabeth’s collection and was known as her favorite piece. This tiara has a unique design of intersecting circles, each encrusted with diamonds. It has a unique feature, too – it can be worn three ways! The center jewels can be swapped out between pear-shaped pearls or emeralds, or worn without any center jewels, for a simpler, but still stunning effect. It’s worth between $6.8 and 9 million!

What’s Next for The Queen’s Jewels?

Adding her own legacy to the amazing histories of her jewels, these gems have become even more special through her remembrance.  While King Charles is now entrusted with  the Crown Jewels, many of the Queen’s heirlooms and jewels will likely be used by the Queen Consort, Princess of Wales and other family members. Now entering a new era, it will be exciting to see Queen Elizabeth’s jewels continue to make history!


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