What to Do with Grandma’s Valuable Vintage Brooches?

What’s a visit from Grandma without the presence of her color matching companions, her brooches? Those valuable vintage brooches were each unique. It’s hard to think of special times with Grandma without recalling her outfits, jewelry, and those brooches.

Now, Grandma has left you with a piece from her collection, yet you can’t seem to rock her special brooch with the same finesse she did for so many years. How can you pay homage to Grandma, without compromising your own personal style?

Brooches were once used in a similar manner as modern-day buttons are now; used-to keep clothing together and closed. Who knew that Santa Claus brooch seen with Grandma every Christmas actually had a functional purpose? As clothing technology expanded, the practical use of brooches evolved. Believe it or not, historically, brooches weren’t just something Grandmas fashioned, brooches soon became a way to display wealth. Since the Middle Ages, when brooches were first formally used, brooches have changed in style and size, and mark the trends of the time.

Who Wears Brooches These Days?

So, is there a millennial equivalent to brooches? This new generation can typically be caught sporting cartilage piercings, tongue piercings, nose piercings, etcetera, but clothing piercings, such as brooches, have yet to make a comeback. It seems those valuable vintage brooches once so loved by our grandmothers, are destined for a jewelry box, locked away in some remote space of our attics. Or, is there redemption for brooches yet, a way to make brooches trend?

valuable vintage brooches on headscarfRecently, these beloved pins have been used to enhance people’s wardrobes in a variety of ways. There’s the throwback method, once again using brooches as a way to connect clothing, notedly on neck and headscarves. Instead of the classic one brooch worn on a bright sweater, fashion trends have begun using multiple brooches patterned in one spot, including down the collar, or on the front side of a blouse, layering them on top of the buttons of the blouse.

Hair broochPlus, who doesn’t love a good hair piece? Brooches are now clipped in with hairpieces and accessories. And who said only women could wear brooches? Oftentimes men are wearing decorative pins in more ways than displaying their letterman pins from high school. It looks like there’s still a place for brooches, even in the 21st Century, so dust them from their hideaways, and pin them to your lapel today.

Granted, you probably won’t get as much use from Grandma’s brooch as she did or perhaps her taste is polar opposite yours. If that is the case, consider seeing how much it is worth. Many brooches are antiques and can fetch an attractive price.

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