Determining Designer Jewelry Appraisal Value

True or False: A 4 karat diamond ring from Nordstrom’s is a 4 karat diamond ring from Tiffany’s.

That would be False.

When it comes to selling your fine jewelry, one of the many factors that play a part in the appraisal is the jewelry designer. A premium jeweler’s pieces tend to appraise for more than other jewelers. Why is that, you may be wondering. Well, let’s take a look at a few options.

Local Jewelry Designers

There are endless local designers ranging from mid-level to low end jewelry designer names doesn’t hold up as well as world renowned fine jewelers. Local lesser known jewelry designers may charge more than what the second hand market will pay. They just don’t have the reputation and history to sell to local stores. If some local jewelry designers do find themselves with that opportunity, then the local stores will likely mark it up really high, thus decreasing the “equity” of the jewelry.

What Makes Premium, Premium

Some widely recognized premium jewelry designer names are:

  • Tiffany
  • Cartier
  • Bulgari
  • Harry Winston
  • David Yurman
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Roberto Coin
  • Oscar Jaime
  • David Webb

Generally speaking, these jewelers have been around for decades. Their jewelry is made from the highest quality of stones and metals. Their craftsmanship is perfect. Diamonds are precisely cut and beautiful. High quality is not just something premium jewelers aspire to or hit from time to time, it is their standard. So when it comes to the larger ticket price for premium jewelry, you are paying for a brand in part. But, it is also worth noting, that if the day comes that you need to sell that jewelry item for cash, you are likely looking at a higher cash payout because of…you guess it, the brand. Premium designer jewelry appraisal values tend to be higher.

Premium Bridal Jewelry

There are a separate set of premium designers for bridal jewelry. The following jewelry designers’ pieces also tend to fetch a higher appraisal due to the same criteria mentioned in the previous section – quality and craftsmanship:

  • Tecori
  • Simon G
  • Gabriel & Co.
  • Scott and Chal
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Verragio
  • Henry Daussi

Start Your Designer Jewelry Appraisal

Whether you have jewelry from a premium designer or local designer, find out what the appraisal value is. Diamond Buyers will provide you with an in-depth appraisal at no charge.


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