Avoid These Common Mistakes When Selling Your Jewelry

Selling jewelry can be an easy way to score some quick cash, however it is important to know what you are doing before you sell. Avoid these common mistakes and learn the best way to sell jewelry to get the most money for your valuables.

1. Not Selling to a professional Jewelry Buyer

When it comes time to sell jewelry, the first place people often think of is a jewelry store. However, this is not always the best way to sell jewelry. Jewelry stores are in the business of selling jewelry. What that means is they need to purchase your jewelry at a price low enough for them to make a profit when they resell. Often times the price offered is the retail replacement value instead of the true cash value.

Working with a professional jewelry and diamond buyer is the best way to get the most money for your jewelry. Professional buyers are specifically trained to determine the value of your jewelry and are savvy to market conditions. Trusted jewelry buyers also have an extensive amount of training and are often GIA trained gemologists.

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2. Selling Jewelry in a Hurry

Another mistake individuals make when selling their jewelry is selling too quickly. If possible, try to avoid selling in a hurry. If you are in a rush when selling your jewelry you may not be considering all your selling options, and may not be getting the best value for your jewerly.

Instead, take time to truly understand the process of selling your jewelry. Research professional jewelry buyers. Make appointments to have your jewelry evaluated. If your jewelry is not in the best condition to sell, consider ways to increase your jewelry value.

3. Selling Jewelry Online

While selling online may seem like the best way to sell jewelry, it’s not the most reputable outlet. Selling your items online may seem like the most convenient way, however it can also be very risky. Online buyers are usually not qualified or experienced in evaluating jewelry.

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They are also limited to pictures and descriptions which doesn’t allow them to see the true value of your item. Websites like ebay and craigslist are popular selling platforms, however you most likely won’t get the best value for your jewelry. For more information about different jewelry selling outlets, visit our blog on Selling Outlets Examined.

If selling online is your only option, consider seeking out a professional jewelry buyer who offers online selling. Research their entire selling process to ensure your jewelry is insured and the buyer is reputable.

4. Not Knowing What your Jewelry is Worth

Having a good idea of how much jewelry is worth before you sell can give you a better understanding of how much to sell it for. Being prepared is key when selling your jewelry. If you know the value of your jewelry you can reject offers that are too low or don’t seem fair.

To figure out what your jewelry is worth collect all documents you have related to your item. Schedule an appointment with a professional jewelry appraiser. Take notes of anything that makes your item unique for example, designer, diamond shape, diamond cut, carat size, and era. Again, the best way to sell jewelry is to be prepared on what you are selling.

5. Feeling Pressured to Sell

The final mistake that individuals often make is feeling pressured to take the first offer they are given. It is important to note, that you are not obligated in any way to accept an offer you don’t feel comfortable with. If a buyer is pressuring you to accept an offer, they are not a reputable buyer. If your item is extremely valuable, consider getting multiple offers.

Working with trusted diamond and jewelry buyers is the best way to avoid the pressure of selling your jewelry. They have the knowledge and expertise to walk you through the entire process so that you feel comfortable while selling your jewelry. Make sure to check the qualifications and reputation of the company and only work with trusted and qualified buyers.


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