3 Tips to Increase Jewelry value

People sell jewelry for numerous reasons—being strapped for cash, in an emergency situation, or maybe you just don’t need that old piece of jewelry that’s been lying around. Whatever the reason for selling jewelry, the end goal is the same: to make as much money from your jewelry sale as possible.

We are going to take a look at a few simple ways to increase the jewelry value. Before selling jewelry, prepare your piece for a sale by restoring its value, getting it in top condition, and having documentation to support your transaction.

Restoring Jewelry

Examine your jewelry item to see if any restoration can be done to increase its value. If your piece is old and worn, seek out a professional to restore your piece to quality condition.

Jewelry restoration can help fix loose, dangling, askew, or broken elements of your piece. A professional can replace lost stones, re-cut chipped stones, repair broken prongs, and more. Look for a local jewelry repair and restoration company to get your jewelry in top condition for a sale.

Cleaning Jewelry

You want your jewelry to look pristine at the time of sale to increase its perceived value—essentially, the nicer it looks, the more you can get for it. To restore some sparkle to your piece, gently clean with a soft bristled tooth brush, warm water and dish soap, then let air dry.

If you find your jewelry still lacks luster after that, don’t attempt to clean any further. Harsh cleaning and common cleaning products can damage your jewelry, so it’s best to let a professional carefully clean your piece. Any jeweler should be able to clean and polish your jewelry for you.

Documenting Jewelry

Documenting your jewelry helps you prepare for a sale in two ways—first, it helps you and your potential buyer understand your jewelry’s selling point. Gather all important documentation, and ensure you understand your jewelry’s unique characteristics, including its cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

Documenting your jewelry also helps safeguard your sale. In case of a sale gone wrong (scam or theft), photos, videos and proof of ownership could help. Attractive photos can also be a selling tool if you’re trying to sell your jewelry online (eBay, auction, etc.).

Once you have checked the items above off your list, it’s time to get an idea of the jewelry value.

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