Written in Blood: The History of Blood Diamonds

It’s a fact no one wants to admit, but the truth is, the history of society’s precious diamonds does not match its shiny exterior. Beyond the glitz and the glam of diamonds, is the painful reality of blood diamonds. These diamonds blemish the industry’s past, dulling the market. 

Blood diamonds are unethically mined and traded diamonds, which resulted in the deaths of nearly four million people. These tragic deaths were caused by war and conflict surrounding diamond mining, or through the illegal practice of diamond smuggling. The profits from these corrupt practices funded conflict activities in nation’s mining these diamonds, resulting in greater devastation. The reality is, third world countries, such as Angola, Sierra Leone, and The Congo, already in destitute situations, suffered much due to the greed of the diamond industry.

Blood Diamond Trade Stopped in its Tracks

Gratefully in 2003 the Kimberly Process, a combined initiative that prohibited “blood diamonds” from being exchanged or sold, was introduced. The Kimberly Process decreased the number of diamonds smuggled, ending conflict and wars fought in the name of diamonds. However, the effects of such tragic events are still felt. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 2 million carats of diamonds in today’s market are illegally traded blood diamonds.

Knowing that the sparkling diamond on your significant other’s hand, was once in the hand of a warlord or tyrant dampens the romance. No one wants an incriminated gem tarnishing their relationship. That is why Diamond Buyers does not ever purchase “blood diamonds.

We promise to maintain high standards in the jewelry we purchase and sell to our valued customers. We know the fight to end the trading of blood diamonds is an effort we can achieve together. Should you have questions on the value or history of any diamonds you own, please reach out to us for assistance.


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